Strandberg Guitars


.strandberg* guitars are simply the best. Sound quality + Playability + Ergonomics combined! I’m proud and happy to be working with them! Ola Strandberg is a guitar scientist!

Ernie Ball

ErnieBall_MusicMan logo

I’ve been using Ernie Ball strings since I was a teenager. Need I say more?


Fractal Audio

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I’ve always dreamed of having a guitar device that had all the sounds I wanted. Thanks to
Fractal Audio, my dream came true. The Axe-Fx is probably the best piece of gear I ever plugged my guitar into. Thanks for making my life on stage and at the studio easier.


Godin Guitars

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Godin makes great guitars with the advantage of having a synth access built in. I love the Multiac classical!


Best-Tronics Pro Audio

logo BTPA

They make custom high quality cables, rack & pedal board integration and more. Did I mention the amazing customer service?


Soloette Guitars

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Rossco Wright makes amazing guitars. They sound fantastic and they have great necks. The fact that they’re also travel-guitars is a plus. I use my custom made Dragon Fly since 2006.


Atomic Amplifiers

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If you think it’s impossible to find cabinets that do it all, from rock to metal, from funk to jazz, or any combination of styles, you’re wrong. The active Atomic CLR is simply the best companion for the Axe-Fx, and I still can use these speakers as studio monitors!


AER Amps


I love my Compact 60! It’s the best amp for my classical electric guitars with piezo pickups.