Hybrid Picking


Lines & licks for guitar

Foreword by Guthrie Govan

Guitarist, composer, recording artist, educator and author Gustavo Assis-Brasil presents his third book about hybrid picking technique. Recommended for intermediate to advanced guitarists, Hybrid Picking Lines & Licks is a collection of 284 modern phrases exclusively written for the pick and fingers combined.  Chapters include: Triads, Arpeggios, Pentatonics, Scales and Modes, Atonal, Intervallic, and Octave Displacement Lines and Licks.

“Welcome to a very splendid new book on hybrid picking! Essentially this is the “Swiss army knife” approach to picking technique, combining the advantages of fingerstyle and “regular” picking to facilitate all sorts of crazy stuff (wide interval leaps, open chord voicings, polyphony, you name it…) which would otherwise be unplayable. Hybrid Picking Lines & Licks For Guitar offers an abundance of new ideas for your delectation… Perhaps the coolest thing about the examples in here is that they’re not just technical exercises: the actual notes are interesting, too, so your fretting hand and musical ear are just as likely to benefit as your hybrid picking technique itself. I’m confident that any guitar player, regardless of his/her style and technique, will find something challenging and inspiring in the following pages. Nice one, Gustavo!”


“Since working out of Gustavo Assis-Brasil’s Hybrid Picking books I’ve definitely been graced with new and creative approaches to the guitar. I’ve always been a fan of wide intervallic lines, as well as voice leading, and hybrid picking seems to be the perfect technique encompassing both those things and more. I’ve literally been inspired to write new music directly after spending a little time with his books daily. Getting the Lines & Licks book pushed things even further as far as creative lines are concerned. Having use of my other fingers while still holding the pick is an ingenious way to approach the guitar!”

TOSIN ABASI (Animals as Leaders)

“Gustavo Assis Brasil’s new book is an excellent resource for any guitarist looking to expand their melodic vocabulary with hybrid picking technique. Guitarists seeking to expand their palette will find a great deal of inspiring material throughout.”


“Gustavo Assis-Brasil has authored a valuable resource for the serious guitarist looking to improve his or her abilities using hybrid picking. Gustavo clearly lays out many exercises to build and develop this crucial skill. Highly recommended.”


“Gustavo Assis-Brasil’s Lines & Licks book is really useful for those interested in the hybrid picking technique and also a great tool for anyone interested in broadening the knowledge of the fingerboard.”


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“With Hybrid Picking For Guitar, Gustavo Assis-Brasil has created a hugely valuable resource, in terms of expanding both one’s technique and vocabulary. Also, the studies at the end of the book are beautiful pieces in their own right. I highly recommend it.”

BEN MONDER, jazz guitarist

“Gustavo’s book is probably the most comprehensive study of hybrid picking I’ve seen. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this technique.”

BRETT GARSED, virtuoso guitarist

“Hybrid picking is the most expressive form of electric guitar playing there is. Gustavo’s book takes the mystery out of it and lays out a complete and simple method to gain control of the right hand fingers and the pick simultaneously. I highly recommend it!”

CARL VERHEYEN, virtuoso guitarist

“I think this is the ultimate book for jazz guitarists learning to utilize hybrid picking. Gustavo has included everything anyone would need to master the technique.”

STEVE TROVATO, guitar educator

“Recognized for his unique stylings and innovative approaches, Gustavo Assis-Brasil shares with guitarists his many intricate insights for a complete method of combining pick and fingers for hybrid picking. His book will educate and entertain.”

LEE PROSSER, JazzReview.com

“Gustavo Assis-Brasil has made a great contribution to guitarists by writing this excellent book because it lays out a methodical approach to mastering the technique and gives inspiring examples of it’s application in real music. I strongly recommend it to any student of the guitar.”

STEVEN KIRBY, jazz guitarist

“Assis-Brasil’s writing and playing are exceptional! His sound, phrasing and harmonic sense are impeccable!”

JUST JAZZ GUITAR Magazine, Jeff Barone

(…) Gustavo Assis-Brasil has a unique way of demystifying hybrid picking (…) he introduces musical examples that would have seemed impossible to play before starting to work with the book. (…) Hybrid Picking For Guitar is engaging, informative and great fun to use. (…) After only a short amount of time working with Hybrid Picking For Guitar one gains the desire to keep practicing and develop this incredibly useful technique. The study periods will be well rewarded, because learning hybrid picking inspires creativity and offers new opportunities for discovery and self-expression.


The book is extremely refreshing and it opens new creative windows for the guitarists. From the “Hybrid Picking” technique standpoint, Gustavo Assis-Brasil develops advanced musical concepts in lines that include polyrhythms, monophonic counterpoint, spiral lines (converging and diverging), twelve tone rows, irregular groupings of notes and rhythms and, above all, nice tunes and the playing and musicality of a master.”

JULIO “CHUMBINHO” HERRLEIN, Brazilian guitarist

I am very impressed! The compositions are very deep and the technical tips for playing with pick and fingers are very practical and creative. The book is a much-needed text on the topic. It is exhaustive without being pedantic. Congratulations! It’s excellent!

SCOTT McGILL, (McGill/Manring/Stevens)

Hybrid Picking is not only an excellent book that covers literally everything you want to know about hybrid picking but also a great source of inspiration. I wrote a tune using example number 2! I wish I’d had this book 20 years ago!


“Hybrid Picking for Guitar is to hybrid picking what Ted Greene’s classic Chord Chemistry is to chord voicings.”


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Single Note Permutations

Single Note Permutations is a step further toward developing a fluent technique for combining pick and fingers. Here you’ll find more than 1,400 different exercises based entirely on permuatations. You should condition your fingers to respond to the intuitive part of your brain when you are playing, not just to play what they can do by themselves. If you want to get inspired, be original, and get away from your own clichés, this book is for you!

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