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With a style that organically blends Jazz to Rock to Funk, and Pop to Latin/Brazilian music, The Dig Trio has been keeping audiences astounded ever since their first performance in February/2000.

Brazilian natives Gustavo Assis Brasil (guitar) and Mauricio Zottarelli (drums) met with New-Yorker David Pinto (bass) at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where they were all studying at the time. The group rapidly developed into a cohesive and impressive power trio, mixing influences coming from several different musical styles to their masterfully written melodies and harmonies, all combined into a deep and profound groove. The result? Something simultaneously modern, unique, and sophisticated.

The Dig Trio plays frequently in the New England area, and has been receiving high praises from both audiences and critics/experts alike.

"Dig Trio" (2003) is the group's first studio CD, and reflects its incredible versatility and musicality. The album features twelve original compositions, showcasing the trio at its best.

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Here is what some people have to say about the Dig Trio and the CD:

"Feast your ears! The Dig Trio offers up a truly special blend of jazz rock fusion music. Their musical explorations into funk, samba, and swing, to name a few, show a deep respect for their musical roots while pushing the envelope full speed ahead in a modern direction. These are three superb musicians worth checking out!" -Rod Morgenstein, legendary drummer

"Great CD! Strong grooves, beautiful compositions, and masterful improvisations fusing a wide range of elements including Rock, Funk, Latin, and Contemporary Jazz. A must for those interested in progressive and lyrical instrumental music. An impressive display of power and versatility from three very talented musicians." - Bret Willmott, guitar great, Berklee College of Music

In the Summer of 2003, the Dig Trio welcomed its newest member, virtuoso bassist, composer and producer Michael Farquharson, who hails from Canada. In its short period of existence, the Dig Trio is already one of the most respected and admired acts in the contemporary jazz scene. See and hear it for yourself !!

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